5 Steps to Get You Through Any Remodel Project

Does it give you comfort to know the company you're trusting to tear apart your home has a plan to put it back together; that they can tell you what to expect before, during, and after the transformation? Take a tour of our approach below — we show you the process step-by-step!

We guide you from the very first introduction to the final handshake of appreciation. Your space and our partnership is important to us.








Plan & Design



kitchen design

Want your new kitchen to look like it’s straight out of a magazine?

There’s a lot to do before your dream comes to life. To begin the process, we will first want to get some basic information so we know how to get in touch with anyone who will be involved in the project. Next, we'll ask you to tell us a little bit about the project you have in mind. That way we can determine the best next steps to help you decide if we are the remodeling company of your dreams! If you need routine maintenance or something repaired on your home, you probably qualify for our KC Handyman division and we might just get you on the schedule or schedule a time for our salesperson to visit your home for an estimate. If your project requires more planning, we will set a time for someone to call you back to get more details and answer more questions.

bathroom design

Good Fit

Making a decision about who will transform your home is not easy. There isn’t a one size fits all approach for every project, and no one remodeling firm fits everyone’s needs. We want to make it as easy on you as possible. Determining whether we could be a good fit for you and your project is key to making it easy and efficient, and understanding your expectations and concerns helps make the decision easier. If our expectations don't line up, we might have to face the hard fact that we aren’t the team best fit for your individual needs.


First, we will give you a call. On this call, we will talk about what you expect and who we are. Additionally, we will talk a little bit about your project. You should expect us to ask some tough questions. Especially the BIG one: What is your budget?

The most common answer to this question is "I have no idea what something like this costs!" We don’t know either, we haven’t even seen your house. If you think hard enough though, I bet you know how much you would spend to transform your home life - or maybe it’s easier to think about how much you wouldn’t spend. We will do our part by letting you know if we are even in the ballpark. You can ask us the tough questions, too. In fact, here is a cheat sheet.

If we agree that we could be the right solution for you and your project, we will schedule a meeting at your home, the initial consultation, and let you know what to expect during the meeting. If we agree that we aren’t the right fit, we can part as friends. We might even be able to refer you to another remodeler.


When we meet at your house we will finally meet in person. This will be the first time we see your home and the space you wish to remodel. We will have more questions about your expectations and your concerns and be ready to answer more tough questions from you. Together, we will gather your ideas, understand your concerns, and we can throw out some of our ideas. Then, we'll want to talk about your budget again. We may feel that your original budget fits the project you have in mind, or we will discuss what to do if the budget is a concern. If it's agreed that we can provide a solution that will fit your needs, we will let you know what to expect when we present our solution, and we will set the appointment.

kitchen design


You can’t make a decision until you know what we propose to do and how we propose to do it. Some projects are not complex, and it is easy to be quite specific about what is included and how much it will cost. Other projects are merely concepts at this point. It makes sense for the proposal to match the project. If we can be specific we will be. If there is only a concept, we will present a proposal that is very specific about the process that we will use to turn the concept into a final construction proposal.


It’s repair and replacement. Let’s not make it complicated. We will compile a simple estimate listing the work to be completed and the expected costs for the time, materials, and trade contractors needed to complete the project. It’s an estimate – so you will be billed for the actual time, materials, and trade contractor costs to complete your project. You can pick and choose what parts of the estimate you want us to complete.


Do you have a list of several small updates you might want to do to your kitchen or bathroom? Are you handy and want to take on a remodeling project, but are uncomfortable with part of the work – the flooring in your bathroom, setting your kitchen cabinets, replacing your countertops? We can replace that countertop and make sure the old one is removed and disposed of, the faucets and drains are unhooked and re-hooked and even add a beautiful tile backsplash. This is still an estimate because we are going to need your help picking the materials and you might decide to replace your countertops now and tile your floor in six months.


You know the plan. You know the scope. You just need help selecting the fixtures and finishes. Managing all the material orders and tradespeople doesn’t sound like anything you have time for. We can give you a Preliminary Estimate with allowances for the fixtures and finishes and the costs for everything else are pretty well set. Now you can decide whether you want to work with us. If you do we will lead you through the design and get you a fixed price to complete the project.


Something in your home just doesn't fit your lifestyle – or maybe most things in your home don't fit your idea of "home". This is where Devan can put the Kaufman signature on your space. We will talk about what isn't working and our process to change the way you live in your home. Then we will present a Preliminary Budget and a 3-step Design Build Agreement so you can decide if we have the process to fit your neeeds.

bathroom design


A good plan eliminates anxiety about the final results. Now that we have proposed a solution that you like for your project, let's dig into the details. Maybe we just need to schedule a handyman to visit your home, or maybe we need to get to work on a full set of architectural drawings. The solution is tailored to your needs and project.


If it's a couple hours of work, let's just get you on the schedule. If we provided an estimate, let's go over the estimate to make sure we agree on the work to be performed and materials needed and schedule the work.


We're probably going to need to order some material and/or line up trade contractors. We'll go over the estimate and talk about what decisions have to be made before the project can start. We may need to make a plan to select materials and/or coordinate with trade contractors. Then, we'll revisit the estimate and schedule the work.


The plan is set. Let's get started on selections. We will schedule appointments to lead you through the process. This is the fun part. We blend your ideas with our expertise and experience to paint the picture of your remodeled space. Then, we'll present you the Construction Agreement so that we can schedule the work.


You're looking for ideas and we have them. Let's start to bring some of them to life by knocking down walls, re-arranging rooms and maybe adding on (on paper and in the digital world). Once we land on the concept that you love we can develop a Conceptual Estimate. After you approve the concept and estimate, we can get started on selections. Our designer paints the picture of your new space, incorporating the materials that you love and the custom touches to fit your lifestyle and tastes. Now, we can compile the final pricing and Construction Agreement so that we can turn things over to our craftspeople and your lifestyle transformation can take shape.

home additions


It’s still your home. Remodeling is certainly an inconvenience, but that doesn’t give us a license to turn your home into a construction zone. You can expect to know when people will be coming and going as well as what is going to happen and when. We will also contain our mess and protect the areas that are not part of the project. One point of contact makes sure that things don’t get forgotten and there is no “he said, she said” going on.


You aren’t our only client or our only project, but that doesn’t mean that you get any less attention. In fact, you will have a very personal relationship with your dedicated Project Manager. They will be your first point of contact as your home is transformed. He won’t be waiting to hear from you, though. You will hear from them daily to let you know who will be at your home in the next few days, what work will be completed, and answer any questions you might have. You will also have a weekly meeting so everyone has a chance to discuss upcoming work, possible inconveniences and final decisions that might need to be made.


Knowing that there is a timeline eases your mind. That way you can know what to expect and when. Sure, it won’t go exactly as planned, but shouldn’t you know the when, why and now what? It’s not just a guess, it’s a communicated plan.


Timeless in every aspect – that is our goal. This is one of the main reasons you considered Kaufman Construction in the first place. We won’t let you down. We don’t want to just make you happy today. Our goal is for you to appreciate our attention to detail for years after we are gone.


You’ve hired us to do a messy job. It’s still your home. We respect that. Leave the cleaning to us. A few of our policies:

  • Broom clean at the end of each day
  • We don't work on unprotected surfaces
  • If we damage it, we fix it!
  • Thorough cleaning at the end of each week


You hired us to manage the project. That means you don’t have to lift a finger. All of our trade contractors work under a sub-contract agreement and when they start work on your home we remind them of the rules in our pre-construction checklist. You won’t get any surprises when the bill comes either – we won’t come to you “begging”. Either the cost for their work was included in a fixed cost agreement (KC 2-Step and KC Signature) or we have clearly communicated the estimated cost (KC Handyman and KC 2-Step). You might decide to change your mind or add work – no worries, you will get a written change order before we commence work on the change.

What our clients say...

We first found Kaufman Construction at one of the local expos. From our first encounter, we felt we had the right people for our project. They were able to hear our likes and dislikes and translate them into a wonderful design that we absolutely love. Each time we met during the design process, I was pleasantly surprised at the attention to detail and the beautiful implementation of our ideas. They helped us make decisions based on their extensive experience. They helped us broaden our views and consider ideas that we hadn't thought possible. The design exceeded what I ever imagined. During construction, we had the best crew. Including their vendors. Each of the gentlemen was respectful, courteous, and extremely talented. Again, each one listened to us and did their best to make sure we got what we wanted. The quality of the work along with the determination to excel made our crew THE best. This is how we felt with each representative of Kaufman Construction! If I have another opportunity to work with them, I definitely will! I love my new kitchen and family room.


Kaufman Construction did an excellent job renovating two small bathrooms in our mid century modern ranch. Their careful design and estimation process left no surprises. Their staff and that of their vendors were skilled craftsmen who took pride in the end result. The small spaces required creativity and flexibility to give each bath the most functionality possible. Kaufman brought us elegant solutions on time and within budget. We couldn't be happier with the final result.


A friend of mine used them and was very happy with the work, we will use them in the future after seeing the quality job they did.

Tiffanie Wetzel

Workers were courteous, we used the handyman service. They did a nice job and did exactly what we asked for.


We used Kaufman Construction for a major almost-whole house remodel five years ago, and used them again in the fall of 2013 for a master bed/bath remodel. They do excellent work, everything they do is high-quality and done right. They are professional, and great to work with. We highly recommend them. You can definitely find a cheaper contractor, but I don't think you can find one that does better work.

Wendy Ogden

We initially hired Kaufman Construction to build an addition to our basement which included a small gymnasium and basketball hoop. Their work was outstanding; they set the bar with their professionalism, and they listened and responded to our concerns and requests. We were so pleased with their work we immediately approached Kaufman when we decided to expand our mudroom and laundry room. They always stand behind their work, and the end product is of highest quality. We have been very satisfied with Kaufman and love the work they have done in our home.


We initially hired Kaufman Construction for a small home remodeling project and were so happy with the result that we hired them a few years later for a home construction project. We were extremely impressed with both the quality of the work and the professionalism exhibited throughout the project. We were assigned a project manager who was always easily accessible and provided a convenient single point of contact throughout the project. The quality of their work was second-to-none and we believe they offer great value in both the home remodeling and new construction markets.


Kaufman Construction remodeled our entire house. Everything went nearly perfect. The finished job was excellent. Their design ideas are fantastic. We love living in this house. We have had zero problems after six years. We would recommend Kaufman Construction to anyone.


My wife and I wanted to add a covered deck to our house. We met with Devan Kaufman to discuss our goals. He was very good at walking us through the process and helping us consider all the options before making a decision we might regret later. Once we had our plan, the process moved forward quickly and with the highest level of professionalism with all of the workers on-site. I had 1 contact to work with throughout the process which made my life a lot easier. We never paid for any extras because it was all planned out up front. They stayed on deadline as well. The workmanship is fantastic and we are very happy with the end result. I would highly recommend using Kaufman Construction for any future build.

Kyle Cox

They started on time and finished the project when they said it would be finished. All of their subs were very good and professional. We would recommend them for any project.

Sue Schipper Luksetich

My wife and I engaged Kaufman Construction to build our home in 2006. Kaufman was the only builder that would build the house that we wanted, instead of the house the others wanted to build. Devan and his team respectfully and patiently guided us through the process. The ability to design and build under one roof was invaluable to the process, especially when changes and improvements can be made during the construction process. I especially appreciate each month when I receive the energy bill, the energy-efficiencies that were incorporated into the build. Devan Kaufman has stood behind his work and I have no doubt that he will continue to do so in the future.


Kaufman Construction was wonderful to work with. They were responsive to my request, and promptly delivered their answers and suggestions. They were very professional in handling difficult situations and always willing to discuss and find solutions. The workmanship was very good. They crew tried very hard to keep the house clean during the renovation. I am pleased with their professionalism.


We could not be happier with the home built for us by Kaufman Construction Design and Build. Devan and his team were professional, extremely competent and fun to work with. We located Kaufman Construction on-line, checked out references (all glowing), met with Devan and his design team and started building our dream home. The design ideas and features that Devan brought to our new home made all the difference. Our project manager was knowledgeable, caring and responsive and everyone who worked on our home was a true craftsman. They cared about the results and it shows everywhere we look. Change orders were handled in a professional manner which was easy for us to follow. Our home is well built, functional, beautiful, fun to live in and we came in on budget and schedule!


Our home required extensive renovation and new additions. Kaufman Construction planned, designed and built the house into a show worthy model home. Devan Kaufman worked closely with us and his team of craftsmen were professional, talented and a pleasure to work with. The finishing work was exceptional and everything exceeded our high expectations. I would highly recommend this company!


We worked with Kauffman 4 years ago and are thankful every time we walk into our house. Our layout is very typical for this area however, once you walk in it is totally unexpected. We hear how large this house feels, the warmth, personality and great design. The quality of the work is extraordinary. There has never once been a need for a call back. We thought long and hard about building a custom home or remodel where we are. Great neighborhood, great schools and amazing neighbors - just needed our home to feel more like "us." it's a big job, but one we would happily do again for the end result. Thank you Kauffman!! Mike & Amy Valdez


Kaufman built a large covered outdoor patio and bar and grill station. The quality of work was excellent! The people working on the project were professional, available and always on time to do the work. The design team did an excellent job of putting the idea to work. The construction crew did an amazing job with the follow through. Since the project was completed, we have spent practically every day enjoying the outdoors in our new patio.


We were very satisfied. They kept us up-to-date and the quality of work and workmanship was great!

Larry B.

It is a pleasure to finally work with competent workers who do a great job in a timely manner.

Judy G.

Kaufman Construction is the most professional, organized and courteous service company I have ever worked with. They did an exceptional job of setting my expectations and meeting them. Even when I was disappointed about delays or prices that were somewhat out of Kaufman's control, the most critical aspect was that they communicated well and reset expectations as necessary, I literally didn't lift a finger during this huge project - they took care of EVERYTHING.

E. E. S.

I have enjoyed working with Kaufman Construction and have recommended them to several friends. They always do a great job and are very professional.

Terry D.

Kaufman has completed two separate projects in our home. We continue to be pleased with the results as well as the process.

Kevin S.

Great job! Courteous and qualified contractor! We are very satisfied with the service!

Maria C.

I use KC Handyman because they have excellent project management. They estimate, they schedule, they come when expected. Sometimes their workers are amazingly skilled; occasionally they lack the necessary skills.

Sharelle M.

I have used KC Handyman on several occasions, and they have always done quality work. They are very punctual and professional, and I highly recommend them!

Rick W.

These guys are awesome! The foreman thought ahead and covered up an opening in the floor so my cat wouldn't get into it!!

Kim D.

Job was done efficiently and under budget! The money spent was worth every penny.

Steve C.

I have used KC Handyman for four different projects and I have been pleased with their workmanship and expertise.

Dennis K.

Although my projects are small. Kaufman has treated me like it the most important job to finish.I have used them in my remodeling as I am unable to do the work myself.I would highly recommend for anyone that wonders should I get the updating done on my house, yes should be your answer. KC Handyman will finish your job and life will be better because you chose to get the estimate and have one of their skilled workers complete the job. They make you happy!

Diane B.

Have relied on Kaufman Construction and KC Handyman for projects big and small. Always reliable and high quality work.

M. P. C.

I have used Kaufman Construction and KC Handyman for several projects and I can depend on them to deliver quality results. I appreciate that they vet subcontractors before they do the work. The creativity to solve issues is refreshing.

Steven H.

KC Handyman's service was phenomenal, all of the staff was friendly, professional and courteous. My husband and I will continue to use their services for our home because they do the best work and provide amazing service!

Tessa J.

The usual excellent job.

Victoria H.

Kaufman Construction is an amazing company to work for. They care about everyone as an individual and when it comes to their clients they make it a priority to deliver the best quality product that is not only beautiful in design but function as well.

Leslie Nelson

Quality work from beginning to end.

David Mortensen

bathroom design
kitchen design kitchen design


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