We offer our Handyman Services in the Greater Des Moines area:

There’s no reason to spend your precious free time working on home repairs when the professionals at KC Handyman can handle the job for you. Our handymen not only offer high-quality results, but are dependable, efficient and friendly. If a project requires the services of another contractor, they’ll even do all the legwork for you and call in a trusted contractor from KC Handyman’s professional network.

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Make KC Handyman and Kaufman Construction your first call for anything around your house or
business! We can handle any project or repair – if not solely using our own technicians, by
coordinating with professional, trusted trade contractors. This saves you from having to call several
people to figure out how to complete your project. If you do want to hire and manage contractors
yourself, but just don’t know where to begin, we can get you in touch with the right person to
complete the project/repair.


  • $85 per hour for each technician.
  • Material costs and trade contractor labor are billed at cost, plus a 25% markup.
  • A trip fee may apply for jobs that take less than eight hours.


Prices quoted in estimates are calculated based on our experience and standards used in the construction industry, but are not a guarantee of project price. Many times, it is difficult to estimate an exact project cost based on a simple visual inspection.

If the scope of a project changes significantly due to unforeseen circumstances after we provide an estimate, KC Handyman will halt the project, discuss the problem with you and offer options to resolve the issue before continuing with the work. If an additional estimate is required, we’ll provide one on request.