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Posted by Devan Kaufman on Jun 13, 2019 8:33:21 AM
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Two of the top reasons for taking on a remodeling project are "updating the style" and "replacing worn or damaged materials."  And the most popular rooms to update are the kitchen and the bath, the two areas that offer the greatest cost benefit when it comes to your remodeling dollar.

But that benefit can be short-lived if your money goes toward a design that looks dated again in just a few years.  When you're investing anywhere from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, you want that investment to last.

Applying some good financial advice to your design can really pay off.

Take calculated risks

Trends are, by definition, fleeting.  Don't let them be the foundation of your remodel's design.  Incorporating trendy features with elements that have stood the test of time will enable your remodel to look both updated and timeless.  Trends - materials, colors, even lines - should be treated as accessories to your look, not the focal point.

Wall to wall shiplap and monochromatic color scheme 
Moderate use of shiplap and pops of color in a classic white color scheme

If you love the farmhouse style, add some rustic touches.  But covering your kitchen in shiplap, weathered barn wood, and corrugated metal will scream 2019 in a few years the same way avocado green and shag carpet scream 1970s.

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Diversify to control the risk

Avoid extremes in your design.  Stark contrasts in color, line, or material are dramatic, but quickly seem dated.  For example, opting for a timeless cabinetry design provides a canvas for the rest of your kitchen or bath.  A simple change of countertop and hardware can transform a farmhouse look to a modern loft style for relatively low cost and little disruption to your life.

A trend taken to the extreme

Natural colors and materials also last longer, and they offer additional benefits besides.  With renewed attention to recyclability, toxicity, and natural ingredients, opting for genuine hardwood and natural stone makes even more sense.

Portz2015-Exterior (23)Natural wood and stone countertops and backsplash stained natural wood cabinetry

Not only do these products lend themselves to more timeless design, but the finished product emits fewer harsh chemicals in your home than a man-made product will, and they are inherently recyclable should you ever choose to replace them.

Invest in quality.

In addition to putting your remodeling dollars into products and materials that will outlast the current trends, investing a larger percentage of your budget in standout elements makes good financial and design sense.

Features like flooring, tile, and cabinets set the tone of your space, and they undergo the most wear and tear as well.  Choosing top quality materials in these areas will ensure that they last.

WH_Lamb_09High quality and timeless flooring, backsplash, and cabinetry

Though it's true that a man-made products can cost less than natural ones, considering the manufacturing and disposal processes required to create and remove these materials, the cost of man-made ends up being noticeably greater.  And unlike hardwood floors, for example, man-made options are not typically refinishable.  When they're damaged, they simply have to be removed and replaced.

If you're going to undergo the disruption even the best remodeling project demands, and budget tens of thousands of dollars in the process, you want the finished product to reflect your taste and to respect that investment.

Working with a remodeler like Kaufman Construction is one way to ensure that your money will be well-spent, because we also view your home as a long-term investment, and we recognize that each project is a reflection of our respect for our customers and our profession.

Choosing a timeless design is another way to insure your investment.  We can partner with you on that, too.

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