Design:  Design services are included as part of the price of each estimate – that is because at Kaufman Construction we understand that design happens – whether you realize it or not. Click to the left for more information about the services we provide to insure it is an organized effort.

Process:  This separates the men from the boys (sorry girls, it’s just a figure of speech). If you expect a quality experience from top to bottom, communication is the key. In order to deliver that promise we use an effective process that is thoroughly explained before you enter any kind of agreement. Click to the left to see more information on the process that we use.


Sustainability:  We can argue all day about what’s good for the environment. What we can agree on is the fact that it doesn’t make sense to spend less now on something that is going to cost more in the long run. Click to the left to find out more about our philosophy on sustainable design and how we encourage sensible sustainability in every project.


Resources:  Click on the button to the left to see a list of extra helpers that could be of use to your project.

All of these services are included in every Kaufman Construction project. Why? They are essential to providing a comprehensive package to you. Sure you can skimp on some of them and save some money, but at what cost? These services provide insurance that you know exactly what you are paying for before a board is removed or a shovel penetrates the dirt. Not only that, decisions are made on your schedule, not a construction schedule. This provides you the time to weigh the cost vs. benefit of each option as well as being able to envision the impact of each decision on other design and aesthetic aspects of the project as a whole, as well as the overall price of the project.

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