Have you ever purchased something, but had to wait until you could afford to spend a little more than first expected (a piece of furniture, a piece of art, a pair of shoes, a tool)? Did you do a lot of research to make sure that it had all the features that you needed, but nothing more, so that you could afford the high quality that you expected? If you did, I bet the longer you owned it, the more you appreciated that you waited until you could afford to purchase exactly what would suit you best. Chances are, you still own it today and though it may be worn, it works as well, or better than it did the day you bought it.

That is what it is like to work with Kaufman Construction. There are some projects around the house that don’t require the highest attention to detail, or the best customer service experience, but when you really need the highest quality, Kaufman Construction delivers. Not just in quality products, but every aspect of the process, from space planning, design aesthetics and construction details, to implementation of the plan, communication through the process, and service after the project is completed. And through it all we help you find the point of diminishing return. That point where you spend enough time and money to get exactly what you want and need, and eliminate the bells and whistles that you don’t. So though you may spend more than you originally expect, you never regret it, in fact, as time goes by you are more and more happy with your decisions, because you took the time to do it right.

From a past customer:  "We've worked with several contractors and remodelers--and frankly, we're picky about the work done on our home.  Kaufman Construction is first rate.  They bring to the job creative design talent, high quality craftsmanship, excellent organization, and wonderful customer service.  Devan and his staff were very responsive to our questions and comments.  They are honest and straightforward with the client and kept our best interests in mind throughout the project.  We would work with Kaufman again, and recommend them to anyone."  -M.M.

From a past customer:  "Everyone at Kaufman Construction is cheerful and eager to please.  No matter what the process, they want us, the customer, happy with the outcome.  I highly recommend them as builders and Devan, especially, for his creative vision and his attention to detail.  We are extremely pleased with our new home."  -K. and D.G.

If the beauty of your home needs to be more than skin deep, Kaufman Construction is the answer!

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